The Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries Program (CBBEP) has just wrapped up the final phase of the Nueces Bay Marsh Restoration Project that included a very successful volunteer effort!  In one year 240 volunteers contributed 720 hours, and planted 10,000 Spartina plugs on over 4 acres of the 160 acre marsh restoration site.  This type of effort gives volunteers a sense of ownership of the bays and estuaries, which is key to help sustain these important places for future generations.  We are already seeing the ecosystem benefits of the project.  The Spartina planted by the volunteers is doing a great job of holding the marsh terraces in place, and there is significant wildlife utilization of the area, including from both highly migratory species like the Long-billed curlew, as well as our colonial nesting waterbirds like Black skimmers and egrets.  CBBEP’s Coastal Bird Program counted a whopping 4,121 nesting pairs of colonial waterbirds nesting in the created marsh last season.  We don’t have a tally for this year just yet, but so far things are looking great!

For more information, read the project report.