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Coastal Restoration: Good for the environment, good for the economy #iheartestuaries @SenThadCochran @SenatorLeahy @USRepRodney @NitaLowey Click to tweet!

30 jobs created per $1million invested in habitat restoration #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops @SenShelby @CongCulberson Click to tweet!

$1 invested in enviro restoration creates $4 econ value by enhancing tourism/fishing #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops Click to tweet!

Habitat restoration creates more jobs per $1M spent than oil/gas & transportation combined #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops Click to tweet!

More than 600 commercial fish species spend some part of their lives in an estuary #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops Click to tweet!

Our coastal counties provide >50% of our national GDP #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops @AppropsDems @NOAAHabitat Click to tweet!

1 out of 6 jobs in America is marine-related #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @AppropsDems @SenateApprops @CommerceGov @NOAA Click to tweet!

Estuaries support 2/3 of all commercial seafood #iheartestuaries @CommerceGov @NOAAHabitat @HouseAppropsGOP @AppropsDems @SenateApprops Click to tweet!

Our estuaries are a vital part of our natural infrastructure providing multiple benefits to our economy #iheartestuaries @SenateApprops @HouseAppropsGOP @AppropsDems Click to tweet!

$1 invested in hazards planning saves $4 in emergency disaster spending #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops Click to tweet!

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Our Estuaries are a Vital Part of our Natural Infrastructure.
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USFWS Coastal Program

@SenThadCochran @SenatorLeahy @lisamurkowski @SenatorTomUdall @USRepRodney @NitaLowey Support @USFWS Coastal Program! #iheartestuaries Click to tweet!

Estuaries need love! Support @USFWS Coastal Program! #iheartestuaries @USFWSRefuges @HouseAppropsGOP @AppropsDems @SenateApprops Click to tweet!

@USFWS Coastal Program: $1 of fed investment = nearly $13 of econ gains #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @AppropsDems @SenateApprops Click to tweet!

EPA National Estuary Program

Dear @KenCalvert @BettyMcCollum04 @lisamurkowski @SenatorTomUdall Support @EPAWater National Estuary Program! #iheartestuaries #natlestuaries Click to tweet!

National Estuary Program protects and restores water quality for our communities! #iheartestuaries @EPAgov Click to tweet!

NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve System

Dear @SenShelby @SenatorShaheen @ConCulberson @RepMikeHonda Support @NOAA Estuarine Research Reserves! #iheartestuaries Click to tweet!

>2 mil visitors to @NOAA NERRS/yr and >$20M in direct economic benefit! #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops @AppropsDems Click to tweet!

NOAA Community-based Restoration Program

@SenShelby @SenatorShaheen @CongCulberson @RepMikeHonda @USRepRodney @NitaLowey Support @NOAA community-based restoration #iheartestuaries Click to tweet!

@NOAA Community-based Restoration=HabitatRestoration=FishRecovery=Jobs #iheartestuaries @HouseAppropsGOP @SenateApprops @AppropsDems Click to tweet!

Join ANEP, NERRA, and RAE in the I ♥ Estuaries Campaign!

#iheartestuaries: 2017 Campaign period: 2/12 – 2/14

Tell Congress you care about your estuary by tweeting this Valentine’s day!

In order to demonstrate support for key federal programs that benefit estuaries and to raise awareness among Congress and the Administration of these programs, Restore America’s Estuaries (RAE), National Estuarine Research Reserve Association (NERRA), and the Association of National Estuary Programs (ANEP) are joining forces to celebrate Valentine’s Day through a joint, 3-day “I heart estuaries” campaign. Demonstrating support for funding key programs like: USFWS’ Coastal program, EPA’s National Estuary Program, NOAA’s National Estuarine Research Reserve System, and NOAA’s community-based restoration program has never been more important.

This Valentine’s Day, show Congress and the Administration that there is lots of love for estuaries and let our leaders know that protecting estuaries means protecting our future. Please use hashtag: #iheartestuaries. This allows us to track participation on Twitter and Facebook. Please use the sample messages or be creative with your own versions.

For more information about this initiative, contact:

  • Allison Colden, Senior Manager of External Affairs, Restore America’s Estuaries (703-524-0248).
  • Rebecca Roth, National Estuarine Research Reserve Association.
  • Rich Innes, Association of National Estuary Programs.

The I Love Estuaries Campaign Logo for 2014

Download the campaign info as a pdf (courtesy of RAE): #I-heart-estuaries campaign

#i-heart-estuaries 2015 photo

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